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‎"everything we need to understand the universe lives in the simplicity of the individual PiECes that makes it a whole!" Thanks Jesse McGhee. You may be the only other person in existence to know this way.

The Reason for Life, Being

“Life, Being” aims to explain the nature of reality and existence, or being. It also describes life's relationship to being, as suggested in its name. “Life, Being” says that potentiality exists beyond reality and is the source of reality while also manifesting as the possibilities that our reality possess. Life, Being says that we, and everything in our existence, are from the potential that these things can be and the freedom for this potential to be expressed.

The Nature of Life, Being

Reality is 'what is real' and 'real' things 'exist'. Reality is existence and it is the result of potential.

Pure potentiality is possibilities without the values of likelihood.

To become real a potential exhibits an aspect that is touchable and thinkable; and by its very nature it will be nameable.  When it is touchable, thinkable and nameable it is no longer the intangable potential - it is real.  This change of potentials to touchable, thinkable, nameables is the reality that we live in.

Saying that the universe is made of the 'touchable, thinkable and namable' is not an extraordinary insight.  It seems like common sense; so why don't we ever see it stated?  It seems that this simple fact is one of humanities biggest oversights.

Life, Being has PieCEs

  • Life, Being believes that the world is made of three PieCEs: the physical, the concept, and the essence (P.C.E.).  These three PieCEs can be thought of as the touchable, the thinkable and the nameable.

  • The PieCEs are responsible for everything in the universe, even us.  For example: We are made of Body, Mind and Spirit.  Also, what we do (physical), what we think (concept) and what we feel (essence) make us who we are.  We are not just physical beings, we are also cognitive and emotional beings.

  • Harmony is concept being fulfilled.  Concept demands rules and boundaries and Harmony provides this. Harmony in Life, Being consists of Units, Balance and Change.

  • Beings,both living and non-living, are made of PieCEs.  Everything is being; being is the foundation and Life is a form of being.  Life, Being is written with a 'comma' between the words to recognise this relationship.

  • The PieCEs are the way that potentiality can manifest.

What is Life, Being?

  • Life, Being is scientific, it is philosophical, and it is spiritual. It brings together the different ways of doing, understanding and believing.

  • Life, Being consists of three fundamental aspects or components and it combines them according to the laws of harmony.

  • Life, Being can be a self help device but primarily it is a way to understand the workings of the world, including ourselves in it.

  • Life, Being is not an invention; it is an observation of the world's ways.

  • Science demonstrates and predicts the natural world.  The legal system provides boundaries for physical and social harmony and religion and spirituality provide guidelines for moral harmony.  For every system, natural or man-made, humanity has a way to understand it.  Life, Being finds the link between every modality.  In the realm of possibility there is no discrimination but there are requirements and conditions of equilibrium or harmony.

  • Life, Being describes the inherent freedom of existence.  It reminds us that the reason for 'bad things' is because freedom is not limiting, and this is a beautiful thing.  There is no good and bad, just the freedom to be or not.

Many Answers are Provided but Solutions have to be Created

In Life, Being you will find the answer to every question you can wonder but to find the solution to problems, you must use the answers to make a pathway.  Standing at the edge of a canyon we know the answer to getting to the other side; We need a pathway! It can be a path through the canyon or around it.  It can be a bridge across it or a helicopter over it.  To get there we must apply ourselves to the task.  Life, Being answers every question in this way; saying that we must imagine the possibilities, calculate the method and apply the answer; but the task to do all this is ours alone.  We may wish that the task would be achieved by itself and sometimes luck will favour our wishes.  But the only sure way... is our own effort.

The effort required is not always necessarily great, it depends on the solution being created.  Sometimes we find an easy path to follow and sometimes we can only see the hardest way to go.  Sometimes we feel lost to a solution; like believing there is no answer.  There is always an answer but it is not always the right time for it.  Many solutions are waiting for their time so it is time to get moving.  May we find the strength, will and heart to begin the journey.


My favorite thought from thought blog.

9.11.2011 - I wrote this to a friend. I hope there are more out there who will understand. LOVE

All is well. I have had a degree of disillusionment but it is good to see through the illusion.

Right now I am feeling that it would be best to focus on my immediate environment. I have a wonderful minimal existence that contributes very little to the world's problems.

It is a challenge to be physically active in world change without contributing to the problem. Without collective participation everything I can think of needs money and this is a big part of the problem.

Everything we now do is human centric. Where is the place that we can all join to get more for all things. I love this world and I love that we are free to destroy ourselves, but I see how much more is available to us. There is so much more for us if we can get past being captive to the illusion of the human condition.

Our next step in evolution is not physical, but our physical must be in harmony. There is no magic or supernatural process involved in this, we only need to see ourselves in the full light of existence.

I am growing happier in the realisation that I have stepped in this direction. It is only that I must still remain in a society that has little clue that there is more for us. Again I ask, where is the common ground that those of us who understand can join to bring the full potential of being into manifestation. I go to Woodford Folk Festival because I feel this happen there. It has its flaws but it is able to see them and change them.

There is a way to bring the potential of being to the realisation of the masses, and it's time may come, but because of the freedom of existence, it also may not. It is possible that the few of us who know this truth may not be enough.

Our time feels like the last chance humanity will get. Humanity is not the only manifestation this potential can take, there could easily be other manifestations already here with us. There may be other manifestations yet to come. All I know is that we are here and there are no guarantees. It is possible that we are it. It is possible that if we do not realise our potential it may never be realised.

It is not that I am optimistic or pessimistic. These are both judgments. I see the freedom of the world and I love it. To know it is to know potentiality and potentiality does not make judgements. In time things can and cannot... but as long as there is potentiality, all things may.

Thank you for giving me you to share this with. It has been a heartwarming outpouring. Even though there may not be any others who will connect with my words I want to post them on me website. At least if there are more out there they may. Beautiful Love

LB Joum

A little introduction of me and where my words and actions come from.

Also in "About The Author".

Known as Joum. Sunshine Coast Australia. Male, 45 years.

I am self unemployed, not on any government payment - I get enough from repairing cranes (gratefully a skill that makes money) - , No loans, developed my own Philosophical Ontology called "Life, Being", Activist and Advocate for the evolution of:
Rule of Law,
And ultimately - the human conscious towards its potential - which is an unhinging from the influence of its DNA and biological vessel into one of universal perspective - (yes, a little 'out there')
My tool kit is Life, Being (hence - LB Joum)
Life, Being (L,B) is as follows.
The Realm of Potentiality is the source is the Realm of Reality.
Potentiality cannot be destroyed, but new potentials can manifest and old ones can disappear (extinction).
Potentiality is infinite, free, and non-judgmental.
The Realm of Potentiality manifests as our Realm of Reality.
Its manifestation always contains three aspects:
The Physical (touchable)
The Conceptual (thinkable)
The Essential (name-able)
Potentiality, Reality, Essence, Concept, Physical - I abbreviate to the P.R.E.C.P.
Life, Being, (L,B) is a common truth that can connect everyone's understanding.  It applies to all 'truths'.  You will see its formula in everything I say and write.

An aspect of L,B that stands out for me today is 'the love of freedom'.

Every aspect of our reality is freedom.  We are even free to take license upon the freedom of others.  Though this can manifest as something horrible, it is ultimately beautiful.  If our world was not free to be horrible then it would not truly be free - and this is its beauty.

The freedom of potentiality also makes marvelous things possible, and just as there is no limitation for the manifestation of evil there is no limitation to the manifestation of good either.

Our individual and collective (units and unity) actions (physical) thoughts (concept) and emotions (essence) manifest our reality.  The beautiful world we dream of is just as possible as the horrible one we imagine.  The reality of our world is determined by the understanding of this, by the actions we produce, and from how and if we love and or hate.


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