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L.B. Joum prefers to be called Joum. 
Joum was born 11th September 1967.  Joum's birth name is Robert James Willis, but he was nevercalled Robert, he was called Jamie.  In his early 20's Joum became the step-father of four children and they didn't call him Dad, they invented the nick-name 'Joum' for him.  When Joum was 30 he separated from the family.  Joum was unsure of what to do next in his life.  His life had been directed through his role as husband and step-father but now he was free of the responsibility of a 'family man' and could choose to live in whatever way would suit him best; but he didn't know what would make him happy.  A short period after the separation, during a period of soul searching and life reassessing, Joum, quite by accident, discovered the Life, Being (written as L,B) principles. 
The transformation that followed the discovery of L,B was so huge that Joum's former name 'Jamie' and the legal name of 'Robert James Willis' no longer fitted the who he was; and so 'Jamie' became 'Joum'. 
In his full name, 'L.B. Joum', the initials 'LB' are so that the name will comply (conform) with the standard format of having a first name and last name.  It makes filling out forms easier.  As you might guess, the L.B. initials are from the books name, but 'Life and Being are not Joum's first names.  He could be called 'L' or 'LB' but he prefers 'Joum'; or 'Mr Joum' if necessary.
Joum first started to question the workings of the world at the age of 17. At this stage he only questioned the standards of society and the beliefs he had been given by upbringing and environment.  Life took another big turn in 1988, just a few months before his 21st birthday, when Joum to a close look at mortality.  This was prompted by the death of Joum's good friend, Ray Visser, in a moonless late night car crash, high in the Brindabella Mountains outside of Canberra.  Joum and the cars driver were lucky to escape alive but Ray died in the crash.  The car, on a muddy road at a slow speed going around a slippery cliff hugging corner, slid out of control and, just liked in the movies, the car came to rest teetering on the edge of a rocky slope. 

Ray, who was in the back seat of the tiny two door Datsun 120Y, gave a laugh as perhaps he, like Joum, thought that the car was safe.  But the road's edge didn't hold.  It crumbled away and the car, slowly at first, began to roll down the rocky slope. During the violent fall Joum saw flames in the car and so when the battered wreck came to a rest he scrambled out to save his life. After regaining his wits he came back to the burning wreck and tried to pull Ray out through an impossibly small window, but there was no chance. Joum felt an instinctual knowing that his friend was already dead, his motionless body felt empty.  By the light of the burning wreck he and the other survivor climbed the rocky terrain to the road above. It was six hours of walking along a dark winding tree tunnelled road until the survivers could find help.  For most of the cold trek Joum contemplated his friend's departure.  Surprisingly, it was a deeply 'spiritual/emotional/transformative' experience.  It felt like Ray was still present in the night's quiet darkness. Joum already missed his friend and began asking himself "is Ray still here?".
This event opened a Pandora of questions for Joum.  Was there more to life?  He felt that Ray was still around!  But over the years that feeling has faded and now Ray survives as a love for a person in the hearts of his friends and family.
L,B has given Joum the understanding that our reality requires that body mind and spirit all must be present.  'Being' cannot 'be' if all are not present so even if Ray's spirit is around in some other realm, it only has physical form in our reality while-ever his loved ones continue to remember him.
A variety of life experiences led Joum to the discovery of a formula that is L,B. The formula offers a way to redesign one's personal world.  There are many ways of living in the world and the present example of society is just one way.  Joum feels that we must experiment with society and a good society must permit us to try new ways.

LB Joum

A little introduction of me and where my words and actions come from.

Also in "Home Page".

Known as Joum. Sunshine Coast Australia. Male, 45 years.

I am self unemployed, not on any government payment - I get enough from repairing cranes (gratefully a skill that makes money) - , No loans, developed my own Philosophical Ontology called "Life, Being", Activist and Advocate for the evolution of:
Rule of Law,
And ultimately - the human conscious towards its potential - which is an unhinging from the influence of its DNA and biological vessel into one of universal perspective - (yes, a little 'out there')
My tool kit is Life, Being (hence - LB Joum)
Life, Being (L,B) is as follows.
The Realm of Potentiality is the source is the Realm of Reality.
Potentiality cannot be destroyed, but new potentials can manifest and old ones can disappear (extinction).
Potentiality is infinite, free, and non-judgmental.
The Realm of Potentiality manifests as our Realm of Reality.
Its manifestation always contains three aspects:
The Physical (touchable)
The Conceptual (thinkable)
The Essential (name-able)
Potentiality, Reality, Essence, Concept, Physical - I abbreviate to the P.R.E.C.P.
Life, Being, (L,B) is a common truth that can connect everyone's understanding.  It applies to all 'truths'.  You will see its formula in everything I say and write.

An aspect of L,B that stands out for me today is 'the love of freedom'.

Every aspect of our reality is freedom.  We are even free to take license upon the freedom of others.  Though this can manifest as something horrible, it is ultimately beautiful.  If our world was not free to be horrible then it would not truly be free - and this is its beauty.

The freedom of potentiality also makes marvelous things possible, and just as there is no limitation for the manifestation of evil there is no limitation to the manifestation of good either.

Our individual and collective (units and unity) actions (physical) thoughts (concept) and emotions (essence) manifest our reality.  The beautiful world we dream of is just as possible as the horrible one we imagine.  The reality of our world is determined by the understanding of this, by the actions we produce, and from how and if we love and or hate.


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