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2014.6.28 In the book "Linus Pauling On Peace - A Scientist Speaks Out on Humanism and World Survival" I remember the author asking why there are many statues to the hero's of war and very few (none) to the hero's of peace. It made me think... and... I am now a proponent of peace. But the worship and romanticism of war are deeply embedded into the human condition.

I was surprised to a persons response, when once, I told them that I did not celebrate ANZAC day. It was like telling a Christian that I didn't celebrate Christmas, and I think the responses are related.

It was a big step for me when I denounced myself as Catholic, and then that I did not see God as a fact of existence. I have come to realise that this difficulty in shedding our conditioned beliefs is a symptom of our conditioning, which stretches into many areas of our human programming.

Other examples are: the respect of authority, blind following of the legal and financial systems, feeling like government is an entity outside of our ability to control, racism, the 'work ethic'.

It IS time to wake up!

With respect, I understand those who hold belief-conclusions different to mine, and I deeply respect those who form their conclusions from their own freedom to decide, and not as a result of blind acceptance.

2014.6.23 Good, Bad? The potentiality of the universe restricts the freedom of nothing - including the freedom of something to restrict freedom.

2014.5.18 Any robot is not even nearly as capable as a bio being. Pick something up and feel it. How many sensors in your hand are giving you the sensation of holding something. It is mind blowing. Perhaps some day we will create something as sophisticated as a bio creature but I believe that when we have that power our intellect will be so great that we will realise the harmony of nature and our actions will not betray it. When we think beyond our human nature and are in harmony with the nature of existence we will be more than our biology.

2014.4.26 Peace is possible. We CAN move beyond war and violence.

Violence in humanity can be cured. When we realise that we are more than our biological and social heritage, and that we can become greater than the false limits often attributed to our species, we are making steps towards an evolution that is beyond our imagination.

I am human, and I am influenced by the tendencies I have inherited. All of my human traits are beautiful, even the horrible ones, because they are expressions of the realm of potentiality. And from our freedom in potential we may realise that we enact our humanity. All our natural desires, which also infuse with our thoughts. But we must not be selective and only single out the 'bad', we need to acknowledge all the aspects of our humanity... and claim them as the nature of us that they are. And in doing this we enable ourselves to think beyond our biology - beyond our natural urges. Slowly, this action reprograms us. And we become something new. LB Joum 2014.4.26

2014.4.6 I am. Not a statement but a response.

I found the film a little too dismissive of science. There is magic in science too. Yes there are wonders in the world, and the magic is not in the inexplicable but in everything.

It is in the freedom of potentiality that we can limit our perception to believe that the world is more of one thing than another; where really it is everything together. It is possible that emotions can be measured in yoghurt. But if they can, it is possible that we may discover the mechanism by which this magic occurs.

You see... the world, existence, is three aspects. 1. It is Physical – we can touch it. 2. It is Conceptual – we can think it. 3. It is Essential – we can feel the spirit of things, to which we assign a name.

The Physical, Concept and Essence are the body mind and spirit, and a person is all of these PieCEs. We are not just physical beings, or just cognitive beings or just emotional beings. And the world is not just matter, or just information, or just energy... it is the field of reality within the realm of potentiality. In the place that we call 'reality' three PieCEs must all be present for something to be 'real'. But without any one of these PieCEs a potentiality is not realised.

So you see the film is correct in identifying that there is an aspect of the world that we have forgotten. Society is disconnected from the essence of the earth and lost in the essence of the society that we have created. But this just demonstrates the freedom of potentiality. We are free to become lost, and believe that we are greater than nature. It is a beautiful thing - that we can believe the illusions that we create – like the money system, systems of government, and ownership of land. It is, however, more beautiful when we realise this illusion, and realise that we can change it to any thing that we can imagine.

The world is ours and we belong to the world. LB Joum

2014.3.15 Physical/Body, Concept/Mind, Essence/Spirit.

Matter, Information and Energy are the same thing in any and all of these forms. LBJ

2012.9.15 - We are completely free to change the world and others are completely free to try and stop us.

I know it can feel as though the world is too set in its ways to be changed.

What us humans have created seems so BIG that it must certainly take centuries for it to change direction.

When we try to make change we start with enormous enthusiasm. The train has left the station and nothing is going to stop it.

And then the train encounters it's first hill.

You climb this easily and it feels good. You begin to make progress again, travelling through many beautiful places, and some not so. Your horizon broadens and you begin to see that there is another hill.

This one is hard to climb and it really takes the speed out of your travels. You must climb so high that your outlook begins to broaden even more than ever before. You can see how far you have come, but you can also see how far you must go. And it scares you. You begin to doubt.

It begins to seem more than you can possibly achieve in your life time, but you continue because you feel you must. And more challenges arise. Challenges that you never imagined. Mechanical problems, fuel supply, track supply installation and maintenance. Some people shrug this off; gather more steam, and propel themselves wholeheartedly into the journey. Some do not.

Some loose the compulsion to travel and are happy to find a place that fulfills them.

Some fall beside the track exhausted, cease the journey, and surrender themselves to the day when they can fail no more.

But these are all journeys; they are all potentials or your reality. There is no success or failure. Potentiality is complete freedom. It is the womb of existence where imagination, life and being wait to be born.

Potentiality does not judge you, or any other entity in existence. We have complete freedom, including the freedom to judge. Only we, ourselves, create judgement.

Potentiality has carried humanity to this point in time. We stand in a place that we, and potentiality, have created.

WE HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO TAKE LICENSE OVER EXISTENCE. Remember - Potentiality is complete freedom. And we are free to take 'the freedom of other beings'. We are free do deny our own freedom but also to deny others from taking it from us.

We are completely free to change the world and others are free to try and stop us.

Joum12.9.2012 -
Dear All,

I have told many of you about the PCEs of Potentiality. I have been exploring this subject for the last 14 years.

Over this time I have grown to know the extent and intricacy of its implications.

When I first discovered the pattern of L,B (that started me exploring the nature of the PCEs of Potentiality) I was awe struck. This feeling has never left me and has increased, but settled.

I know you all have experienced this feeling I describe. You will have experienced it in your own experiences, thoughts and realisations. It is like seeing the stars and realising that they are more than lights in the sky and that the light you are seeing has travelled millions of years to reach you. That's the feeling I am talking about.

This is what 'Life, Being and the PCEs of Potentiality' are to me. For reasons that I don't understand, I have the feeling of seeing in a new three dimensions, and my understanding of the world has changed from being an intuitive recognition of the PCEs to a conscious recognition of them. It is like knowing that your heart is beating automatically, and then becoming aware that you control the beat of your heart.

It has only been since my new friend Jesse McGhee reflected this realisation back to me that my own recognition has become realised to me. Again, thank you Jesse.

Now that I know my discovery is 'real' I have even greater empowerment to share it.

This point marks the Re-Launching of my efforts to propel Life, Being and the PCEs of Potentiality out into the popular consciousness. I have always felt that L,B would change the world and still do. I could never explain 'how this is so'. You need to understand L,B to know for yourself.

Because L,B begins with Potentiality there is no determined path, but there IS A LIKELY journey it will take. If its time is not NOW, it is EVENTUALLY. This realisation is long over due.

I am looking forward to the day when I can share the excitement of L,B with many people.

I have started to think of a few analogies of the way L,B appears after its presence reveals itself to you. One analogy was those 'magic pictures' that are strange looking patterns in which a 3D image magically appears when your eyes learn to relax into it.

Another example is this post here.

Another analogy is the feeling people get when they think of God.

7.9.2012Joum – 'Relationship' is concept, relativity to other/s. 'A Relationship' is an entity with Physical, Concept and Essence. We have many relationships: with people, politics, corporations, machines, and environment.

In 'A Relationship' it is not the Physical interaction or the Conceptual rules and systems – it is the Essence that matters. The Essence of a relationship is its nature and character. The Essence is where we see the soul of relationships.

Therefore we must never class the components of a relationship as the determinants. It is not about the people or parts, it is how 'the relationships' essence plays its part in you that is important. Does the relationship help or hinder, is it a motor or an anchor, and which do you need.

6.9.2012Joum - Yes; the world consists of Physical, Concept and Essence. Three PCEs Can you think of another? Is there more to the world than can be produced by the PCEs? Not in this dimension!

So... Where is it written? Who is saying it? Who knows this? We all 'know' it, but we don't KNOW IT.

Life, Being – the book and the knowledge, is about the PCEs.

Now it is written, now it is said... Do you see it? Can you understand it? Do you know it? This it our existence. It is our world. It is us! Body-Mind-Spirit. Strength-Will-Heart. Do-Think-Imagine. Science-Philosophy-Spirituality. Matter-Information-Energy.

Joum27.8.2012 – Imagine what it was like realising that the Earth was not the centre of the universe. Apparently, Nicolaus Copernicus, when he discovered this, he was alone in his understanding. Though he knew that it was the truth he also knew that it would be very difficult to share his knowledge with others. It was a new thought and it took many years to catch on.

It feels like Life, Being is a little the same but L,B does not require an understanding of Maths. Nowadays neither does the movement of the planets. It is accepted as general knowledge. Some day, so shall the PieCEs.

I have tried to think of an analogy to seeing the PieCEs. It is a situation in which something becomes understood and is so clear that it can be seen to unquestioning explain things. It is an understanding that broadens the mind and begins a change that will continue for the rest of your life. It becomes inherent, like the way we use electricity.

Often when I tell people of the PieCEs they ask “but what does it do?”. I know the answer now. It 'does, is and is being' everything. The PieCEs are our existence. They are the atoms, the systems that atoms follow, and the nature of the things that atoms are and become. They are gravity and light, beauty and fear. They are EVERYTHING.

Jesse22.8.2012 - There is one universal energy that has infinite potentiality to manifest into reality ,and we ,through harmony of body , mind, spirit have the power to make any potential possibility a reality using the PieCEs(physical, conceptual,essence) in reciprocal order. Everything begins and ends as Essence. This flow of imformation is cyclical in nature everywhere, and holds true with Life,Being the trinity PiECes of infinity.

Joum22.8.2012 - The human potential is both individual and collective. The pathway from The Realm of Potentiality to the realm of Reality through humanity is dependant on the potential of the individual and collective mind, body and spirit.

Joum20.8.2012 - Our environment is the Realm of Reality in and with us. We are a the Realm of Potentiality being manifest; conjured in us and around us. The units and unity.

The Real of Potentiality is in a constant flow in and out of the Realm of Reality.

The blink of a potential into a reality and this reality continuing to draw from the realm of potential, is the flow of time. We are poten tial too and we participate in this flow. Reality is for a time and then it is gone, back into potential.

Our ability to exist is dependent on the potential we are able to manifest in our self and the balance between this and the potentials that the universe manifests.

How we are able to cope in the world is our relativity in this balance. Our reality is relative. This relationship is matter of fact. There is no weight to it. Only what we, our-self, give it. It can instill beauty, fear, love, sadness, hatred, joy, poor timing, good luck and unfairness BUT these are manifestations from our own potential.

The Potentiality Reality is a wonder, but it is. Potential always was and always can. The fact that it 'does' is incredible. I know I feel lucky but 'I' will end. Reality is not guaranteed, just likely. But while we are alive we get to play in it. There is no limit to potential only limited amounts that become reality.

Is it possible for all potential to be expressed? Yes. Is it likely? Not in my reality. Not yet.

The more I understand reality the greater my potential.

14.8.2012 - "everything we need to understand the universe lives in the simplicity of the individual PiECes that makes it a whole!" Thanks Jesse McGhee

14.8.2012 - When a wheel turns it is counting time. When a particle flies and shakes, it is counting time. Time is concept, but it is recorded and read in the physical realm. The Physical and Concept of time conjour action. Action is the energy of time, the essence of the Physical and Concept. Action is: Physical, and it Is Concept, and, it is Essence - of time and reality.

The essence of time is the nature of the world that occurs. This world is process and chaos, gentleness and violence, and beauty and horror. All this is but Physical, Concept and Essence. The PieCEs. The dance, the song and the music. The touchable, the thinkable and the namable. These three simple aspects conjour our world into being. The living, being, is body, mind and spirit. Strength, will and heart.

11.8.2012 - Our life is not determined by our movements alone it is how we dance with the universe and the music we are able to entice in it.

28.7.2012 - Thinking of the PieCEs of the PieCEs of existence and came to this.

The PieCEs of the Physical Aspect of Existence are: matter, information and energy

The PieCEs of the Conceptual Aspect of Existence are: unit, balance and change

The PieCEs of the Essential Aspect of Existence are: object, relation and character

Is it futile to try and name the aspects of existence or does it help us form a lens through which to study it?

31.5.2012 – About the Physical. Previously I have considered things of a physical nature as being of the Physical aspect, but I realised that I classify it as the 'touchable'. Does this mean that 'action' is not physical? I must rethink.

22.5.2012 - Life, Being (L,B) is a Philosophy with its accompanying Ontology. When all L,B's extrapolations are removed it 'boils down' to the PieCEs (Physical-touchable, Concept-thinkable, Essence-nameable). The PieCEs are the fundamental premise of L,B. Therefore the PieCEs must be able to prove their existence by some means. Perhaps the PieCEs cannot be proven by experimental evidence as it does not make predictions. The PieCEs are an ontology that may be useful in science but not an equation for science to use. The 'Equation', itself, must be described by the PieCEs.

At it's most basic description, an equation is a mathematical expression with an equals sign (=) in it. E=MC² is perhaps the most famous equation, but there are many more. The important thing is that 'something' called an 'Equation' has PieCEs. The name 'Equation' represents its essence. Your understanding when you hear the word 'Equation' is your brain's recall of what the essence an equation is. The concept of the equation is that it is made of elements such as an equals sign (=) with numbers/variables and/or operators/functions on both sides of the equals sign. But what is the Physical aspect of an equation? The 'Physical' aspects of the L,B PieCES are the 'touchable' aspects of the subject; which in this case is the 'Equation'. The 'Physical' aspect of an equation is simple to find. It is the medium that it is expressed in. Example: it might be written on a blackboard in chalk or the ink on the page of a book. It can be recorded in the brain in the structure of neurons, or it might reside as states in a network of transistors in the memory of a computer. No matter what, everything that is done and thought must have a Physical aspect.

When the physical medium/s of any entity cease to be arranged in such a way as to represent the entity, the entity ceases to exist. For example, an equation exists as an understanding that is represented by the arrangement of symbols. An equation 'exists' when it has physical form in some medium, like our memory or a book. When every memory and medium that records that equation is gone the equation returns to the realm of potentiality. Until it is discovered again, the equation is lost. Or perhaps it remains written in the medium of the universe, but supposedly the universe itself will eventually cease to express the laws of physics when it eventually reaches a level of maximum entropy - or 'heat death'. Perhaps, eventually, the universe itself will cease to exist and will once again be nothing but potential.

Every fundamental human understanding is not just reducible to its PieCEs but demonstrates the existence of PieCEs within the universe. It is open to you if you think there might be other universes and if there are they might exist with different base aspects, but it appease that the base aspects of our universe are the PieCEs.

16.4.2012 - Our consciousness is biased towards being human. The human influences to our consciousness come from the nature of being human. Our thoughts and awareness are influenced by our bias to the human life-span, by our need to reproduce, and eat, and stay safe. I was thinking about when a computer has consciousness. It's thoughts and awareness will be different to that of a human.

9.4.2012 - Life, Being (L,B) is a philosophy that states that reality is the realisation of potential through the establishment of the Physical, Concept and Essence (PieCEs). Potentialism would describe L,B but this word has no definition, other than some websites that promote the human potential.

27.3.2012 - I have been working to share the Life, Being philosophy for many years now. I believe in it fully, but for it to survive it needs other people to believe in it.

OPA is a great example of the philosophy in practice. Our society and ourselves are what we are according to the combination of our physical, concept and essence (PieCEs).

The concept in our society are the laws, economics, cultures (also in the essence camp), and politics. Change the concept and the essence of a society is changed. But this also applies to the physical (environment etc.) and essence (character etc.). Change either of these and the concept behind the society will be altered accordingly.

Some people work on the physical of a society (plant trees, make parks etc.). Some on the concept, and others on the essence (spirit).

20.3.2012 - There are many LARGE threats to humanity. No point going into them. But the thing is, we must acknowledge them and change them. We are a huge influence on the planet and we all think as individuals, because that is what we are. Now we must change our thinking. Recognise our position and situation: a biological being, form - Human, planet - Earth. Our Individuality is significant, but so are the possibilities for the future. Potentiality gives no significance to humanity, or anything. But my thinking and emotion tell me that it would be a terrible waste of potential to let our species destroy or restrict itself.

20.3.2012 - On FB to Ross about Dalai Lama saying: "Recognizing our human nature as beings whose happiness is dependent on others, we learn to open our hearts, and in so doing we gain a sense of purpose and a sense of connection with those around us.-"

Hi Ross. Recognising our humanity. I heard an interesting podcast on Radio National about super stimuli. It recognised that we have natural impulses that are sometimes out of balance due to the changes in our environment. Example, salt used to be scarce so we are programed to seek it out, like protein, fat etc. Not sure if the podcast mentioned this, but I am hopeful that war is another of these programed impulses which can be completely erased due to hopeful changes in our society. If you think about it, there are many aspects of our 'humanity' and 'being' that we must be aware of. Even the fact that we are a living, flesh and blood, being. Imagine if we did not need to kill other living things to get our energy (food). Perhaps like a plant, but still with a big brain. And do we really need a body? Is it so important to be able to run and build, or are these things only required because we are human? I have begun to wonder just how much of the way we think and act is from being attached to our humanity.

16.3.2012 - as for thoughts are matter, my perspective is that the world is composed by three aspects. The PieCEs are: the Physical, the Conceptual and the Essential: or the touchable, thinkable and name-able. Therefore a thought will have a Pieces. It is generated within the physical brain, it is a concept, and it has an essence(character/nature). But it doesn't stop there. The brain and the person exist within a world also generated from PieCEs. The person is formed from physical matter etc. (PieCEs) and the thought of the person is transmitted into the world by the persons action and emotions. Love. (to lily on FB)

28.2.2012 - Being Human! The fact that we are human is set by our physical concept and essence. The fact that we are human also determines our physical concept and essence. Being human sets the way we think feel and act. Our sexual desires, needs. Our attitudes and goals. Our addictions. These are all due to our humanity. If you could change from being human to being a robot (or some other being) all your aspects would change. The need to reproduce, your vanity, your addictions... they would all change.

10.2.2012 – Life, Being is a description of the framework. The framework of possibilities that is our reality. The scope of the pictures that can be drawn to suit this frame are limited, but infinite.

27.1.2012 - Facebook Page of Blog begins.

16.1.2012 - What are we here for? Is it for ourselves or is it for the potential of nature? When we are young it is all about ourself, but when older we begin to see that our life is limited. Should we forget our obligation to society, to nature and the future and just enjoy now for all that we can get from it? This is how most humans now live. Up until this time in human existence we weren't able to destroy the systems of nature. Before now there were no long term consequences to nature, society and future generations, but now there is. In so many ways we are driving the future in a direction of major collapse. But perhaps not in this life-time and maybe not in the life-time of anyone today.

Perhaps we will change our direction before it is too late?, but can we do it if all we think about is ourself? And what is an existence if it is not for the self?

Like an ant in a colony – where every individual's whole existence is for the benefit of the colony; are we like this?

We might think that life is for our enjoyment but our existence is programmed for us to reproduce so that life may continue. The only loss if humanity were to fail in this obligation would be that nature would lose part of its potential, but time is long (as far as we know) so the loss may only be temporary, or perhaps it is lost forever.

25.11.2011 - Potentiality as a whole does not exist, it is not real. This might be hard to understand but trust me. Our universe is but one potential from the pool of infinite potentiality. This word “infinite”, that is a clue. There are things that are not possible yet; they wait for other possibilities to arrive before their pathway can proceed. Even then they are only 'real' because their path could be, not is. The potentiality of reality does exist though, it is the possibilities that are here due to the present state of the reality we live in. I think this reality started, because, it could. This belief comes from the thought of nothingness. In complete and absolute nothingness there is always the possibility that some 'thing' could 'be'. We experience 'things' that 'are'.

This is our world. It is the manifest part of the pool of potentiality that we live in. By sculpting the Physical, Conceptual and Essential parts of our existence we are complicit in giving birth to potentialities that never, before that moment, could be. Our whole universe is participating in this process.

When YOU think of Potentials you are probably thinking of the possibilities that could be, but to think of 'all' the potentialities that 'could ever' be (or potentiality itself), that is impossible. There are potentials that are not even possible yet; to conceive or possibly conceive. A simple example is to pick a number that represents infinity. You might think of the horizontal figure 8, but no, this is just a symbol. Infinity is the name a concept that lies within the physical mechanism of our brain. We know it is there but we can't ever give it to someone. There is NO box of infinities, there is no such 'thing' as 'infinite' only the concept and essence. Sure, you can program a computer to count forever, but there will be a limit to the number of digital places that it can represent.

There is no physical existence of infinity other than the 'knowing' that it is real. Potentiality is the same. But realm of potentiality is not limited to numbers, it is all things: Physical, Concept, Essence and beyond.

The universe, and us being a part of it, are creating potentials. Potentiality is freedom, and as the same - freedom is not limited. We have the freedom to create and the freedom to destroy. I cannot but love 'that this is so', but we are also free to hate it. I will never hate that we 'can' destroy because I love freedom, I will only hate that we do destroy without realising that we take license over the freedom of other things- who's freedom is equal, but potential is not. We need to nurture potential without reducing it for others.

20.11.2011 - When oil, coal or steel is in the ground it is an asset. The shelf life of this could be considered 'forever'. Once the material is extracted it's shelf life becomes more finite, though its value increases. When the materials are fabricated or consumed their shelf life or lifespan normally takes a big fall. The more complex the structure of the material, the shorter its lifespan is likely to be. Perhaps all structures, natural and man-made, follow this relationship?

18.11.2011 - Just watched Documentary “Cracking the Colour Code part 1” and it showed a couour blind Chimp being given full colour vision. Wow. Then it pointed out that this is not just another colour, it is another dimension. Imagine if we could see infra-red, ultraviolet. But we sort of do. Like using radio telescopes to see the stars.

I strongly believe there is another dimension that we have not yet learned how to see. I wonder, 'why is there the electromagnetic spectrum and why is there no other spectrum'? I don't think there is another wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum or more particle radiations, but perhaps another spectrum. A radiation other than electromagnetic and particle. To notice the presence of something we need to see its physical effect or calculate that it must exist (and then look for evidence in the 'real' world) or perhaps we can actually feel, in our hearts, that something is real.

For example, is Love a physical trait? Is it conceptual? Or is it emotional?

The bigger question is, is emotion only the result of the physical and conceptual or is it an aspect that is accompanied by physical and conceptual aspects?

I believe the latter, but how to prove it?

15.11.2011 - The 3 P's according to Life, Being:

9.11.2011 - I wrote this to a friend. I hope there are more out there who will understand. LOVE

All is well. I have had a degree of disillusionment but it is good to see through the illusion.

Right now I am feeling that it would be best to focus on my immediate environment. I have a wonderful minimal existence that contributes very little to the world's problems.

It is a challenge to be physically active in world change without contributing to the problem. Without collective participation everything I can think of needs money and this is a big part of the problem.

Everything we now do is human centric. Where is the place that we can all join to get more for all things. I love this world and I love that we are free to destroy ourselves, but I see how much more is available to us. There is so much more for us if we can get past being captive to the illusion of the human condition.

Our next step in evolution is not physical, but our physical must be in harmony. There is no magic or supernatural process involved in this, we only need to see ourselves in the full light of existence.

I am growing happier in the realisation that I have stepped in this direction. It is only that I must still remain in a society that has little clue that there is more for us. Again I ask, where is the common ground that those of us who understand can join to bring the full potential of being into manifestation. I go to Woodford Folk Festival because I feel this happen there. It has its flaws but it is able to see them and change them.

There is a way to bring the potential of being to the realisation of the masses, and it's time may come, but because of the freedom of existence, it also may not. It is possible that the few of us who know this truth may not be enough.

Our time feels like the last chance humanity will get. Humanity is not the only manifestation this potential can take, there could easily be other manifestations already here with us. There may be other manifestations yet to come. All I know is that we are here and there are no guarantees. It is possible that we are it. It is possible that if we do not realise our potential it may never be realised.

It is not that I am optimistic or pessimistic. These are both judgments. I see the freedom of the world and I love it. To know it is to know potentiality and potentiality does not make judgements. In time things can and cannot... but as long as there is potentiality, all things may.

Thank you for giving me you to share this with. It has been a heartwarming outpouring. Even though there may not be any others who will connect with my words I want to post them on me website. At least if there are more out there they may. Beautiful Love

7.11.2011 - I want to share a thought. And it might seem a plain and obvious thought, but I believe it has incredible significance.

And this is that every action and every intention holds to it an essence.

What this means is that every act and intention, of a nation or of an individual, establishes a character of what the action and intention represents. In all cases, like as in the case of lots of different countries, this means there are many essences and a mingling of these essences. This 'mingling of the essences' establishes an overarching character all of its own. The overarching character of the mingling of all the different essences results as the character (or essence) of our planet. This same formula extends to establish the essences of solar systems, galaxies and ultimately the universe.

21.10.2011 - We don't have a purpose, we have possibility

27.9.2011 - Being, Human, Earthling

How important are instincts, which are one essence of our being. Instincts are pre-programmed their purpose invariably is for the survival of one and all. Most instincts are related the requirements of our biological/physical nature.

Humans probably have an instinct to _____ .


1. eat and drink; seek food and water
2. seek sweet and fatty (nutritious) foods
3. avoid eating smelly or bitter things
4. be cautious about novel foods
5. seek better resources than presently available
6. seek neighborhoods that are green and flowery


7. be interested in girls or boys (usually of opposite sex)
8. seek sexual contact and excitement; "do the deed" - but in private and
not with your children or parents
9. love children and the cute (female more than male)
10. compete for resources (wealth, fame, etc.)
11. pair up; find longterm partners (female more than male)
12. compete for the best (and, for males, the most) partners (eg, show off, dress up)
13. be aggressive, use force to gain advantage (male more than female)


14. blink; flinch; flee
15. frown; snarl; attack for advantage (male more than female)
16. keep yourself alive; ensure your genetic survival
17. protect your own family
18. grades of importance: own children > spouse > siblings > clan, etc
19. obtain and defend resources: jobs, land, property,
hunting rights, sex partners, etc. (male more than female)


20. bond with your group, hangout with your family
21. try to reduce conflict within your group (female more than male)
22. compete for leadership in groups
23. imitate others: beliefs, knowledge and skills
24. be wary of and dislike `outsiders'
25. teach youngsters (female more than male)
26. smile; laugh; mope; frown; strut; cry
27. celebrate; share gifts (esp food); hug; grieve
28. display emotions: anger, happiness, disgust, sadness, fear, surprise


29. be curious about stuff, make sense of things
30. learn about your surroundings
31. play with toys (objects, pets, tools, machines, etc)
32. explore new places, find more efficient methods
33. be more adventurous - especially when young


34. learn new words and more effective speech (especially the young)
35. chitchat; commiserate; boast; scold; make jokes; entertain
36. organize others' behavior; lead your fellows (male more than female)
37. tell and listen to stories
38. make music, make artistic objects

The physical aspect of being human has played an influence in our character (essence) and programming (concept), but what would our instincts be if our consciousness was contained within another vessel? Imagine that all your senses - sight, hearing, touch and smell/taste – stopped working. Our world would be limited to our thought memory and imagination. Now imagine that our senses are given back to us, but it is not through a single vessel, as in the human body, but via a connection to the Internet. Our senses would be unlimited, though there would not be many options for touch & taste/smell. Or you can imagine yourself connected to a robot body that has all the same inputs/senses as us. What you probably havent thought of is the difference between the mechanical/electrical body and the biological body. The Bio' body has different needs to the Mecha' body, and this will influence the essence of the being. The essence of a being that is in a virtual body is even harder to imagine, though Gamers might have some idea.
For now, society is created according to the influence of our being Bio' Bodies. This, I feel, is limiting our evolution. Our influence on the planet, as a Bio' Body, has reached its limit. If humans are to remain a feature of planet Earth we must think beyond the lifetime of ourselves and our descendants. At this time in our history we must place ourselves in a new frame of mind. Moving beyond the importance of the Bio' Body is a part of this. We cannot cease to be a biological being, but we must try to build our societies as if they are a function within a virtual world, because that is exactly what we are. The PieCEs of the universe places within Physical, Conceptual and Essential existence. To physically be, we must also conceptually and essentially be. The 'Concept' of humanity has moved to another level and we must quickly catchup.

27.9.2011 - I wrote a letter to the editor. Nit sure if it will be published. Subject was War on Green and Science.

Why is there a war on Green that has started to include science? We all rely on the environment and we all rely on science. In the majority... science can be trusted, it is our greatest asset. If we took it away, how far would we get? I challenge anyone to explain how the planets ecology is ok or that is might be getting better. It is not. Nit picking about one aspect or another, such as CO2 or the trustworthiness of science, is pointless when it is evident to anyone that 'things are not good!'. Humans are having an impact. Human activity is causing a huge strain on every facet of environmental health. The only thing we are fighting about is - when foundation we rely on will collapse, not 'if' it will collapse. Tell me how you can keep damaging the environment and expect it to get better? Keep smashing your car and it won't become a better car. "Business as usual" will not be OK. So call me a greeny, alarmist, scientist all you like, but you will not change the situation unless you change your current practice; it is beyond arguments and wars, it is nature's call. I wish everything was as OK as the sceptic/deniers say it is. Please don't sit back and think that everything is OK.

25.09.2011 - ABOUT, BEING.

It is wrong for us to say that “we are an emotional or intellectual being having a physical experience. Or that “we are an intellectual being having an emotional experience. Any which way you say this, IT IS WRONG.

It is very simple. We are a physical, conceptual, essential being. We are the combination of body, mind and spirit. We are NOT a spiritual, intellectual or physical being that is experiencing the others. All three parts, simultaneously and collectively are us BEING.

Likewise, it is not MONEY that establishes society or the world. It is NOT the legal, moral, political, biological or ecological system that establishes a society; it is all of it.

AND SIMILARLY The biggest problem society and the planet faces is not Global warming, it is not Population, Politics, War, Country Sovereignty, Deforestation, Over Consumption, Peak Oil...........

6.11.2011? - My reading of the C.S.Lewis quote below: There is light, so we know light. There is meaning, so we know meaning. As for one specific meaning, I don't think it is that simple. The 'eye' equivalent is the 'brain'. The brain is our organ of reason, but it does serve other functions too.

On another note, but still with the Concept PieCE. Systems... They are so pervasive that we forget they are constructs. For example, we navigate the economic system like it was a landscape. Some of us are good at it and some of us are not so good at it. Those that are good often see it as 'reality' and treat it like it is real. Unlike a landscape, an economic system can disappear and a even a new one appear. This is as simple as a change in the tax laws. Imagine moving to another country where the laws are completely different. It is not so easy to navigate now, until you learn the new system. And every system has an essence and there can be many different characters to a system's essence.

The laws we create are an attempt to design an essence for the system we operate within. And don't kid yourself, you do live within a system... Culture is a type of system. We can live in a democracy, dictatorship or communist society, and the essence of these is very different. But it is the system, and its elements, that determine the essence. I think it is also prudent to remember that the system is designed for us and that we are not supposed to re-design ourselves to suit the system. Yes, we must fine tune and conform slightly, but I think it is a mistake to accept the system unconditionally as it is not real, it is a construct that should assist us, unless it is corrupt.

If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it has no meaning: just as, if there were no light in the universe and therefore no creatures with eyes, we should never know it was dark. Dark would be without meaning.~C.S. Lewis

22.8.2011 - Thinking about the list of 'things to do' that we purposefully and consequently create. Just now thought, “but if I look at those things that I do first, then that must tell me something about my priorities.”. And it does. Sometimes I do something because my priority is to avoid or procrastinate on another activity that I actually judge to be 'most important'. This is like a 'too hard basket'.

Another important realisation about the 'to do list' is to look at how long the list is. How many 'little things' get added to the list because we fill our lives with 'little things' that require attention, maintenance or repair. This includes the time we give to 'software.

We have all heard of the material world. I have recently listened to a speaker about the 'manufacturing of nothing'. This fellow was talking about the manufacturing of the virtual world. The online, on computer effort that we expend to manufacture something that only exists when we 'run the program'.

Just now, while trying to think of a descriptive word for this alternative to the 'material world, I combined 'software' with 'material' and came up with 'softerial'.

We now not only fill our lives with material items, such as cars, phones, computers, a house etcetera, we also fill it with social media, blogs and other 'softerial' items that also require attention, maintenance and repair. What an interesting addition this creates to the 'list of things to do'.

For me, I am finding the list so distractive that I loose ground and drastically slow down my progress in achieving the things I want to achieve. Life is feeling too short a time to be able to do all the things I want to do.

So what is the choice? I love to break things down into the minimum. Things either get worse, stay the same or improve. Well the small amount that I can contribute in this life time might make no difference whatsoever, so my overall effect on the world is likely to be zilch. In my view, humanity is not going to change quickly enough to avert the the consequences of self-plague-destruction. When the resources are spent and the habitat polluted, the plague population will collapse.

BUT, if I want to contribute the best effort I can, I must minimise the 'list of things to do' so that all things get more attention. Of course, there are things on that list that are not the 'greater good' but for my satisfaction. I am mortal after all, so my life is not a sacrifice to the whole, but for 'my pleasure to experience'.

16.8.2011 - Freedom is inherent to reality, including the freedom to take license on the freedom of other things. While I believe that there some things that we must take license upon, for our own survival, the choice to take away the freedom of those things not necessary to our survival is what makes the difference.

15.8.2011 - Life, Being is NOT a recipe to follow, it is the whole meal: its ingredients, the recipe and the experience of eating it. If the analogy is extended onto civilisation as a whole, the meal that we are experiencing up until now has been indulgent and tasty. This indulgence has lead to obesity and the health of the civilisation is suffering, but because there is still plenty of food to be consumed the festivities continue. If only the people would realise the damage they are doing and see that tasty meals are but one experience in life's totality. The most important energy source to the body is AIR. We never stop breathing, but how often to we stop to taste the air?

11.8.2011 - "Systems" are the thought I have been think lately. Society is created with the systems we instil. Most of us are familiar with the systems of: Democracy, Capitalism and The Legal System. Morality is a player in all of these pillars of western society but it doesn't have the same concreteness.

The purpose of our fundamental societal systems is to establish a world that suits us. Unfortunately, not everyone is catered for and some are advantaged above others.

Take the system of 'Currency' for example. I was surprised to learn that the establishment of the 'coin of the realm' occurred when the wealth of the Feudal Lords of the Middle Ages, started to decrease in relation to the people's wealth. So what they did was to make other kinds of money illegal, and force people to use coin of the realm which was loaned into existence by a central bank.

I would have thought that currency was the one thing that was free to be used by all but if you want to manufacture than it is not. Unless the resource we need for manufacture is 'free' to acquire then we depend on banks acknowledging the value of our potential to loan us the money. The only free resource I can think of is intellectual ability, and then one needs the capability to promote this ability.

I have a feeling that there is a better way to conduct a society and I feel that open exchange will be a part of it. Take ideas like MetaCurrency for example. Will it be possible to have an “Open Source” Democracy, Capitalism and Legal System?

If we can imagine a better society then for it to become real we must imagine and instil new systems that will enable it.

9.8.2011 - I have just finished a tidy of the code in this website. I have the feeling that there is a new burst of realisations to come, and I want an organised space to commit them. So far, L,B has not presented any aspect that can be said to be useful in the life of the 'every-day person'. For me, it has given a system to understand the world, and I am enormously grateful.
There are some things that I think are important messages from L,B but they are not 'shout it from the roof top' material. The biggest so far is the realisation that the essence is not a 'stand out, stand anone, more important' asbect of reality. Essence is a partner in the PieCEs of existence, but it is the hardest to understand. This is because, because of its nature and aspect, it is not physical or conceptual. This is obvious, but very significant. Essence is only one PieCE of the whole, and without any one of the PieCEs 'it' DOES NOT EXIST.

26.5.2011 - Because I am science and philosophy oriented this is where I have looked to find my truth. I have noticed that there is a virtual competition between these fields and the field of theism, and this troubles me. My philosophy tells me that there are all of these aspect in our reality and they are all true. In the last couple of months I participated in this 'competition' but recently I have realised to stop participating and am once again looking to find compatibility and synchronisation. I imagine you have noticed this 'competition' between theism and science and atheism; and also between different religions. I now know that there is no winner and no loser, just competitors. It is fruitless to engage in the debate, but rewarding to participate in gaining understanding. My truth is constantly unfolding and I find it by being alive. There are times when I feel it is lost and times when I have the fullest understanding. My best times are when I am around people who are also engaged in the participation of truth, what ever form that takes.

16.5.2011 - It is common for it to be said that there is a primary PieCE, like "we are not a physical being, we are a spiritual being having a physical experience", or "in business it is important to start with the 'why' and then follow with the 'how' and 'what'", but this is incorrect. The Physical, Concept and Essence are the PieCEs that make reality. One PieCE alone has no reality. Every 'thought' has feeling and every 'feeling' has affect.

23.4.2011 I have found applying the condition of immortality calls for the added condition of non-human. I think that being immortal would also change the essence of being human.
There was more to this thought but it took too long to write it down. It was something about right & wrong, morals, fair and unfair.

6.2.2011 edited 2.4.2011 – Back on the live forever thought... We must learn to think as though we are going to live forever. We need to think about the state of our whole experience as if we were an immortal being. Imagine what world we would want to live in and who and how we would want to be if we were in the future. Don't imagine we are limited to human form, thought and feelings but as participant in the experience of existence; more than our human needs, for if we were immortal our humanity would not dictate our needs in the same way as they do for a mortal human. Imagining this does not mean that we will increase the possibility that we will live forever; what it will do is change the way we act now.
When we see that our actions contribute to, or do not avoid, a negative occurrence, like problems with our health or fitness - environment or society etc., our common tendency is to ignore the problem until we are forced to act; and sometimes it can be too late. If we were to start thinking like we would live forever then we would act as soon as we became aware of a problem. We would direct ourselves, individually and as a society, towards a condition where humanity could evolve beyond the sole focus of humanity.
If we try to imagine a world where war has stopped, where violence has stopped, where we think of more than our own comfort and where we loose the desire to participate in activities that harm or increase the difficulty of the present and or the future inhabitants of Earth... our common opinion is that this can only be imagination and will never be a reality. Most of us don't think that world peace is possible. This limits us and it is not correct. In our world the simplest of mechanisms can make incredible changes. If the right mechanism is found then incredible change is possible.

29.3.2011 - As we are the sum of the PieCEs our totality is human. That is: our form, thought and essence is human. We can only imagine what it would be like to be another set of PieCEs, like a cat perhaps, but what about being everything and nothing. This is not a 'cosmic, metaphysical, spiritual' suggestion... it is more a question of what would our totality be if it was neutral. You see, everything about us (our action, thought and feelings) is influenced by the fact that we approach the world as a human being. I must wonder if it is possible, while still in the body of a human, to think and feel with indifference to my humanity.
Being that we are human we have the tendency to think and feel as a human. This is obvious, but what are the characteristics of this human thinking and feeling. Well, for a start we have an ego that is concerned how we look or what other people's opinion of us is. We are driven by the need to find a sexual partner. I often wonder what our priorities would be if we knew that we will live forever. Would we still be concerned what we look like? (I don't think so because we would not be influenced by the need to procreate). Would we still need a sexual partner? (I think no, as this desire lessens as we move past the reproductive age). Would we still need love? (Even though we would loose the need to procreate I think we would need love because it is a connecting essence, and we would need to feel connected).
Another thing I have been thinking about is Spirituality. Is there really such a thing as a spiritual aspect to the human being and the universe? If there is then it is an Essential PieCE. “Spirituality” as it is an essence it is not able to be defined because essence is indefinable. Spirituality is decided by faith, and faith does not rely on proof, logic or reason; it is a conclusion based in trust and feeling. An opinion that is founded from faith is not necessarily a truth, but 'the faith' in the opinion is. What I am saying is that Faith is a fact but the 'truth' of the object of the faith must be determined by other means. Faith in general, in or on whatever the faith is focused, is a necessary quality because we need faith when reason and logic fail to assure us. By this reasoning I conclude that a persons 'faith' must be respected as a truth to them, and that the reality of its 'truth' is not important. I don't think that blind faith is healthy and so faith must always be questioned. The paradox is that the method for questioning faith is most likely the application of logic and reason, but ironically it is our faith in logic and reason that assures us of their reliability.

10.2.2011 - Nothing has stimulated me to write down any new thoughts so I thought I would write down some old thoughts and see if it stimulates me.
Life, Being is about categorising the world into either the Physical Concept or Essence. For example, money or currency is a human applied Concept. It has a physical aspect, the coins and paper notes that we use, it has a conceptual aspect, $100 is equal to some hours work which is then equal to so much food or whatever. It's essence is the emotion that it creates, or the importance we put on it, or the characteristics of its existence. But I must wonder, how does knowing its PieCEs help us?

How does knowing about the PieCEs as set out in Life, Being help anything? If I know that money (the essence) is a construct of value (concept) that is represented as dollars, yen, secure computerised files or whatever (physical), that does not help me acquire it; or does it? It does tend to give me a better perspective of it, and it helps me realise that to 'make money' I must work within the rules that govern it. Knowing that rules (concept) are part of L,B, which are the the configuration of potentiality that our world follows, encourages me that the rules of money are also derived through the expression of potentiality. The PieCEs are the way that potentiality can manifest.

13.1.2011- Emotions and the like are aspects of the essence of a living being. It is impossible to say if all living things have emotions but they do all have the essence aspect of being, whatever form it takes.

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